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Property Investment

Below are the cornerstones of property investment but there are lots of new and exciting strategies out there which we can discuss.




The buy-refurbish-refinance-rent is the classic property strategy that continues to rake in lucrative benefits for many investors.

BRRR is a strategy that allows investors to buy a property at preferably below market value, refurbish it, refinance the property, and finally rent it out.


It is a cyclical strategy where you keep repeating the entire process: getting your deposit back and using the money to buy another property.


This strategy is perfect for investors looking to build a great property portfolio.

Design and Build


Buy a peace of land, get planning permission on it.


Hire a team build the units then sell or rent out. Simple!


Most lucrative but the most difficult.



We have some great contacts who we have worked with on our own project.


They will be able to source the best deals at the time on the open and specialist market.



When you invest in property, it is always advisable to follow 3 or 4 strategies instead of sticking with just one. The market is ever-evolving, the laws are changing, and people are always looking to do things differently.


It is better to keep an eye on new and budding strategies and not dismiss any. The most basic level of investing in property is the buy-to-let. It is fairly straightforward.


You buy a property, let it out to tenants and collect the rent. It’s perfect for people who are not looking to build a huge portfolio of, say, 50 or 100 properties.


It works for those looking for ways to complement their income or add to their pension.

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